Nov.14, 2013
Breast Cancer Drive Update

During the month of October, Polar Industries raised $2026.00 towards breast cancer research.

Thank you to all who supported this great cause. This was our first charity drive and we are looking forward to working with many more great causes. Stay tuned to see how you can support our next great cause.

Polar Industries Ltd is more than just Ice Road Trucking. We are Manitoba’s premiere remote logistics specialist. If your freight needs to reach some of the most remote regions of Canada, we are your solution.

Ice road truckers from around the world are lining up at our door waiting for a shot to tackle our unique ice roads. We’ve even been a springboard for others to learn from us and try and start their own ice road companies.

Construction companies across Canada have relied on Polar Industries to transport everything from lumber, concrete and fuel tanks to pre-manufactured homes and pre-fab oversized commercial buildings.

Contact us to see how we can move your freight on time, safely and efficiently.