August 28th, 2016
Polar Industries Ltd. mourns the loss of Darrell Ward in tragic plane crash

It is with a heavy heart that I speak of the sudden and tragic loss of our good friend and colleague Darell Ward. I have had the pleasure to work with Darell for numerous years on the Tv show Ice Road Truckers and although many of you have seen the bickering on the show between us, I can assure you on a personal level Darrel and I have developed a friendship over these years.

I have made many memories with this great man and he has taught me a lot. I will never forget the great times we spent together filming the 10th season of Ice Road Truckers this past winter. Memories I will always cherish. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. Darrel I will miss you dearly when that first truck departs the yard for the first trip on the Ice Roads this Winter. Take care my friend, until we meet again.
-Mark Kohaykewych